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Basic Architectural Services


This is the initial phase of work and possibly the most important. The establishment of net and gross square footages. These square foot quantities are then compared to accepted standards, and a preliminary budget is set. Occasionally the budget has been established prior to the program. A complete program can be established and the budget verified. During this programming phase spatial and circulation relationships are also investigated. In the case of addition and remodels existing conditions and drawings are also reviewed.

Schematic Design

The development of design options that incorporate the program material. These options include site plan, floor plans, and elevations. Materials and building systems are investigated. Preliminary schedule and budgets are developed. Graphic material, in the form of site and floor plans, elevations, and sections, are prepared and presented to the Client. This phase is complete once the Client selects a design option that most closely meets the programmatic, aesthetic and budgetary requirements previously established.

Design Development

The design option selected at the conclusion of Schematic Design is further developed. This development includes refinement of the site and floor plans, elevations, structural, mechanical and electrical systems. The design is analyzed for building code compliance. An outline specification is written which determines the anticipated materials and systems to be used within the project. Schedule and the budget are reviewed and updated. Work sessions that include graphic material are held with the Architect and Consulting Engineers.

Contract Documents

The work produced during this phase represents that which will form the basis of the contractor’s proposal. Work to date is finalized and refined. Documents are coordinated between the architectural and engineering disciplines. Final review for building code compliance and meetings with building officials, if necessary. Final technical specifications, "boiler plate" and bidding documents are prepared. Final review of Budget. Final review meetings with the Owner occur to confirm compliance with programmatic and budgetary requirements.


Conduct pre-qualification of bidders. Prepare and distribute Contract Documents. Issue clarifications to the Documents. Prepare addenda, conduct pre-bid conferences. Attend and conduct bid opening. Review proposals and advise the Owner. Prepare Contract between Owner and Contractor.

Contract Administration

Review contractor pre-construction submittals, including time and value schedules, bonds, etc. Attend and conduct pre-construction meeting. Architectural and engineering review of contractor submissions that include shop drawings, manufacturer literature, material samples and system components for compliance with the Contract Documents. Provide periodic observation of the construction and attend project meetings. Review and approve contractor’s monthly pay application. Prepare field directives, change orders, "punch" list and substantial completion certification. Review contractor submitted closeout documents including Record Drawings, Operations and Maintenance Manuals. Certify project completion and authorize final payment. Work with Owner and contractor on warranty work if needed.

Additional and Related Services

Document Review & Site Observation

Serving as an independent set of "eyes" for lenders or owner/landlords during final document review as well as during construction.

Master Planning

Development of long range planning for multiple phased projects, site evaluations, preparation of program and functional relationship diagrams.

Planning & Zoning

Review of existing zoning regulations, the rezoning of a parcel of property, the evaluation of a parcel of property prior to acquisition in order to determine size of the building, parking requirements, open space needs. Providing professional services needed to secure rezoning or development.

Due Diligence Reviews

Reviewing a building prior to completing the purchase. Evaluating architectural, mechanical and electrical systems including roofs, power capabilities, life expectancy of various components. Developing deferred maintenance budgets.

Building Measurement

Measurement of existing buildings and floors and calculating Common Area Factors. Verification of the Rentable and Usable Square Footage. Preparation of existing condition drawings.

Furnishings & Equipment

Preparation of drawings and specifications for movable furnishings and equipment. These services include library, food service, specialty casework, laboratories, etc.